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We may be able to help!

You can think of us as General Contractors... or Project Managers. Car Market Insiders, and Trusted Advisors. Sometimes a little bit 'Protective Big Brother, mixed with Creative Muse! We want to grow the culture that we're so grateful for. If we can aid in any way to helping either create or support another classic auto enthusiast, we're all about it!



Classic restorations can be an overwhelming project. For some people, it's a lifelong pursuit of painstaking detail done with one's own hands. Well hell yes we respect that! For others, it's a mind-numbing endeavor that stands in the way of the open road. (We can also relate to this sometimes!) With all the steps, vendors, mechanics, parts, decisions, research, etc that needs to be done, many cars, unfortunately, stay 'ran when parked' or even worse, and never meet the pilot they have shared garage space with for years and years. It doesn't have to be that way, and we'd love to help.



Between the team and members here at OldSoulMC, we've collectively found, bought, restored, listed, and sold 100's of cars of all kinds, for ourselves, family, friends, and clients. We treat each of those no different than the other. We've made some incredible deals and some important mistakes along the way. Every one of those events has given us the knowledge and experience that makes us stronger, faster, and more valuable in our own endeavors, and as hired guns, for those, we work with. We know what to look for, good and bad, whom to go to for what service, where to get that "impossible to find part" and which questions to get answers to before you buy that car, or hire that guy. Let us save you frustration, money through mistakes, the running around, and offer peace of mind and a much more reliable timeline as you work closer toward hitting the road in your own classic dream car!



Reach out to us to share more about your project, and we'll see if we can offer any advice or help, or maybe even just a nudge of enthusiastic encouragement whatever it takes to get you rolling!

So its time to get her rolling, but where to start?

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