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Consignment & Brokerage


So it's time to sell your classic...

                                           we're happy to help!

OSMC can offer a professional and discreet brokering service managing everything from the driveway to the dollars in your hand.


All arrangements to list your car will be done subject to inspection and prior agreement, with clarity and enthusiasm along the way.


We are thrilled to fully manage the whole process for you, with the care and concern we'd spend on our very own prized investments.


Our sales strategy encompasses full web listing preparation of your car, targeted and diverse virtual advertising, be it famous auction sites, forums, social media outlets, etc, we know what cars sell best where.


Full buyer targeted staging displays and professional photography or videography ads that will genuinely place your car above the market, and get buyers looking at us first.


We can often accommodate temporary storage when needed, and detailed appraisals to help predict sale value and timeline estimates before commitment.


Commission rates do vary depending on the value of the car, but we are entirely motivated to get the full value and best purchasing party you are hoping to achieve, so if you are considering selling your car, please email us or give us a call me directly anytime to discuss!



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